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How We Started
           Glen A. Schuberg, Inc. was founded in 1958 by Glen Schuberg as a managing general agency and Surplus Line Broker specializing in transportation insurance. He was joined in 1972 by Eric and Denny Schuberg, followed by Stephen Schuberg in 1976, Greg Schuberg in 1980, Gary and Mark Schuberg in 1986, and Rick Schuberg (third generation) in 1996.

           We continue to write strictly commercial auto business, including local to long haul trucking, public auto, and business auto, with sound and stable markets which can accommodate most risks. We have represented our current markets for a combined 100+ years. In conjunction with our 200+ years of Schuberg underwriting experience this makes us  the  choice for California commercial auto business.



       Liability, physical damage, cargo, general liability (in package). Most classes, any radius, owner/operator to fleet.

Public Auto

       Liabilty, physical damage, general liability (in package), limousine, airport shuttle, vans, other public auto, owner/operator to fleet. Limits up to $5,000,000 CSL available on limousine accounts.

Business Auto

       Liability, physical damage for most business auto classes, including artisan/contractors. pick-up trucks, light trucks and vans.